Pimples cover our face at the worst times when we least expect them. Pimples are very common but they are the reason many people avoid socializing as acne makes them want to hide their face from the world. Make up can work like magic when you are suffering from a break out. All you need to do is follow these few simple steps to Hide pimples with makeup.

Here are the Steps to Hide Pimples with Makeup:

Step 1:
Do not coat your pimples with layers of foundation or concealers. If acne is covering your entire face you must visit a dermatologist. Discard make up sponges after regular intervals or else the bacteria will contaminate your makeup products and other clean areas of your skin. Do not maintain a direct contact of your fingers with foundation bottles as this may transfer all the bacteria to the foundation bottle itself.

Step 2:
It is extremely easy to cover 1 or 2 pimples. Take a little foundation on your palette and using your finger, dab it on the affected area and let it dry. It will only take about ten seconds . Now swipe another coat of foundation using a makeup sponge. But make sure that your foundation has a yellow tone to it. This is perfect for pimples that are standing but aren’t red enough.

Step 3:
When the acne or pimples are red and scarred, make use of a concealer. Before you use a skin color in skin tone , if the acne or pimples are really red then you can make use of a green concealer. Color correcting concealers can help overtone or undertone some basic colors of your skin surface. If you find a green concealer then put a bit of green from your matte eyeliner pencils. Now cover up with a concealer by dabbing it on your acne and then you can swipe with a foundation.

Step 4:
You can use a normal talc which has a puff or a compact. It will help hold your make up firmly in the spot of the pimple prone area.

Step 5:
The art of distraction makes a lot of difference as it can make your look but also break your look. Creating distraction means shifting the focus of people from your problem area to a no problem area. If you have many pimples on your cheeks then simply use some nice shiny lip gloss. This will prevent people from focusing on your acne and they will focus more on your lips. If your chin is covered with pimples and they are extremely bad then a shiny lip gloss isn’t for you. A shiny gloss will only attract more attention to the affected area.

A good option is to play with your eyes and make them dark and bold. If you have acne on your forehead then you should make use of the gloss. You can also apply a reddish blush or bronzer on your cheeks for better result.

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