People have always focused on various cosmetics and herbal solutions to get rid of acne but they might not be aware of the fact that there are certain foods to get rid of acne as well. Yes, it’s true. Due to many reasons, we can say that there is a major role of the different types of food that affect directly on the internal physiology of humans. Due to the direct effect on the physiology of the human body, the foods of thespecific kind may have a correlation with the development of acne on the face and other parts of the body.

How foods cause acne breakout?

According to a study as stated by the Journal of clinical and aesthetic dermatology, there are certain foods that contain a huge amount of sugar content and these make sure to increase the level of insulin in our body. The rise of insulin levels causes the production of more oil and sebum on the skin cell which is then collected in the skin pores causing ablockage on the skin cells and results in pimple breakout.

Which foods are not good for the skin?

7 Foods To Get Rid Of Acne And Help Improve Your SkinHigh glycemic foods that are rich in sugars and carbohydrates are not good for the skin as they cause an increased production of sebum in the skin cells. In addition to that, the foods that are rich in saturated fats and fatty acids, Trans fat and pure dairy products are the enemies of good skin.

All of these foods are supposed to increase the sebum production in the skin cells. These foods if taken in high amounts can cause breakouts on face, back and neck areas. All these areas have delicate skin and the skin cells are active and prone to the effects of bacteria in the air and the high sebum content on the skin may cause the development of a culture that is suitable for the accumulation and reproduction of the bacterial cells.

In addition to that, if you are looking for more precise things that you should avoid to make sure your skin will stay away from getting acnes on it, here is your list:

• The whole milk or dairy products

• Bakery items and confectionaries

• Junk foods including spicy burgers, kebabs etc.

All these foods keep your skin vulnerable to developing acne on it. In case you can avoid these, you will definitely observe a remarkable improvement in controlling your pimple breakouts and acne problem.

For better results, it is always a good choice to start using foods that are considered good for the skin and may help in improving the skin’s health and help in avoiding pimples on the face and other parts of the body.

Foods that help improve skin’s health:

7 Foods To Get Rid Of Acne And Help Improve Your SkinJust like there are certain foods which may be harmful to the skins, there are foods and eatables which are healthy and can surely benefit the skin in many ways. These foods are the ones which control the inner composition of the body and control the production of sebum naturally. These foods would help in creating a good flow of natural nutrient to the skin while keeping it healthy, refreshed and well protected from the germ attacks.

Here are some of the best-knownfoods to get rid of acnethat would help improve the skin health as well, which are:

• The grains and whole grain products without any additives

• The fresh fruits

Further, you may take in foods that are rich in Antioxidants, zinc and vitamin C. Due to the fact these components are good enough to support skin health. The vitamin C has a capability to produce collagen on the upper layer f the skin hence it may help in retrieving skins turgidity and glow. Whereas the Zinc and other antioxidants are helpful to support a pimple free skin by helping to improve the overall skin health.

Specific food options

To help you decide better and eat the most suitable foods for your skin health, you might need to eat the following foods. By adding any of these food items in your daily diet, you can surely avoid getting pimples on your face as they will provide the most desirable ingredients that will support skin health and will also help in improving any kind of issues like acne, acne scars and pimples causing factors.

These foods can surely control the processes and factors that may cause pimples and stains on your skin.

Fruits and vegetables

In case you are a veggie, you may find it easier to follow a veggie diet having carrots, lemon, tomatoes, capsicum, sweet potatoes, spinach and green leafy vegetables, and apricots or similar items having yellow or green color. This kind of fruits and vegetables have a high content of carotenoid and antioxidants that reduce the fat content under the skin layers and provide strength and important components for a tighter, revives and healthy skin.


Blueberries have vitamin C in them and this is a perfect thing for your skin. If you could add some amount of blueberries in your diet, you can surely see a healthy improvement in your skin.

Bread with whole wheat

Vitamin, carotenoids, and magnesium are some of the major components of the whole wheat flour and eating whole wheat bread can helpimprove the skin. Though such food should be included in your daily diet as the effect may be slower but long lasting.


Turkey has Zinc in it. Zinc helps in improving the skin health as it provides help in controlling or maintenance of the hormones in the body and the metabolic rate as well. These properties make it effective for controlling acne issues.

Beans, lentils and pumpkin seed

Lentils, beans, and pumpkin seeds are also rich in antioxidants and some level of vitamin A and vitamin E as well as Vitamin C. These components ensure better health of the skin and improve the acne issues by improving the damaged skin cells.


Seafood is rich in Vitamin A and E as well as antioxidants and Omega 3. All these components help in reducing the accumulated toxins and reduce the inflammatory action of the various damages. This surely helps in improving the overall skin and makes sure that the acne would be reduced significantly.

Water and juices

Though water and juices are not actually the solid foods they are the liquids that can help in reducing the risk of developing acne. Or in case if the acne has already affected the skin. Drinking lots of water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices can help in reducing the pain and inflammation and may also reduce the frequency of pimples on the skin. This may also reduce the side effects caused by the acne. Pure water and fresh juices should be included in our daily diet to maintain a good skin for a long time. These may also help in fighting back the wrinkle and spots.

Concluding our discussing the various foods and their components that can help in reducing the pimple risks and also for improving the various issues that may affect the skin, we should say that having Zinc, Vitamins A,C,E and antioxidants in our food are some of the most important factors. We may have to introduce some of these food items in our daily diet on a consistent basis to see the prominent results.

Though if you are taking in excessive supplements containing these elements, you should always consult your doctor. It is better to opt for the natural resources like fruits and vegetables as well as seafoodproducts. But make sure not to include processed foods as they may not help in improving the skin health. You have to make sure that you should prefer pure and fresh products to be a part of your daily diet to get rid of acne and maintain a fresh glowing skin.

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