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Have you heard about the effects of Accutane before and after the treatment regime? If not then here is a brief introduction of what people have experienced with it and how it can benefit you as well.
As a fact, acne has been one of the most irritable skin problems that have ruined the skin of many people around the world. Due to the fact, when a person starts developing acne or pimples on the skin, their skin gets damaged, the color or complexion becomes darker and spots start covering the skin surface. Because of this whole nightmare-like situation, the person may suffer from low self-esteem, disturbed behavior and may become isolated just because he or she don’t want to feel embarrassed in front of others due to the acne filled face.
So, in such cases, the latest innovation regarding the use of Isotretinoin may help a lot of acne patients to recover from severe acne. This is a kind of vitamin A medicine that helps in reducing the production of sebum on the skin to reduce pimple breakout in turn.
Regardless of the known facts and benefits of this prescription medicine that needs to be taken orally for a few months, people have many concerns based on its characteristics and after effects.
So, here we’ll be covering some common questions that people may ask an expert regarding the regime and the use of Accutane before and after or during the acne treatment.

What You Need to Know Before Starting The Regime:

Can we consider the Accutane drug a steroid?

It is just and anti-acne medicine and not an anabolic steroid, though it still has some serious side effects when used by pregnant women.

Is it a retinoid?

The Accutane is a retinoid for sure and is an isomer of tretinoin that is useful for the treatment of severe acne problems.

Who Should Use The Regime?

Anyone who has severe acne on the skin can start the Accutane regime until and unless the patient has crossed its teenage, has been suffering from acne for a long time and have got lots of acne on the skin. This is not for teens and also not for mild to moderate conditions due to the fact, it dries the skin and may interfere with the hormones which are not good for growing teens. Though, people who are in their late 20s and in 30s are considered okay to use it.

What Will be The Effect of The Drug on The Mood of The User?

The drug may affect the mood during the treatment by causing some level of depression among the users so make sure you can bear with that.

For Which Kind of Skin It is Perfect to Use?

Due to its drying property, the skin may get dried due to the reduction of sebum or skin oil. In that case, it is considered to be appropriate for oily skin, combination skin or normal skin. Still, if you are using it while having a normal or combination skin, you may need frequent moisturizing all day long to prevent over dryness.Is there any effect of seasonal changes?
The drug dries out the skin to reduce the production of skin oil hence the acne are reduced but the effects may damage the skin in case you are using it in winters. Due to the fact, the skin may need more moisture in that season.

What are The Side Effects of Isotretinoin on Pregnant Patients?

It is strongly recommended not to use the Accutane when the patient is expecting otherwise it may cause birth complications and deficiencies.

For How Long a Patient Need to Use the Drug to Get the Desired Results?

It has been noticed that patients having severe acne breakout may get a clear skin after using the drug for about 4-5 six months.
After knowing the basic facts, people may need to know some of the things that are connected to the aftereffects of the regime:

Will My Acne Come Back?

About one out of 20 patients using Accutane may experience a relapse and develop acne again. And the relapse can be caused by using the drug for the wrong condition and with careless dosages.

What if a Relapse Occurs and The Patient Get Into More Severe Conditions of Acne Breakout?

If a relapse occurs, the patient will be given another regime to fight the acne back on the basis of the causal factors that have produced the acne again.


Though the drug Accutane has been produced as an absolute treatment to heavy acne breakouts, it is available in different forms like in some places it can be bought as Roaccutane. If someone needs to use it, it should be under controlled conditions and by an expert who knows when to use and when to stop using it for the best results and ruling out as many side effects as it is possible. It also has some side effects for pregnant women and people suffering from sensitive skin problems. But if you can ask your dermatologist about the effects of using Accutane before and after the results have been achieved, and to help you get the right dosage with the right frequency, you can surely overcome all the sideeffects and get the clear skin you’d love.

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