Cosmetology schools offer an entry path for students who interesting to take a career focused on fashion and beauty field. The schools will offer a lot of education options for the students from science of beauty to creation of products. And it is essential for you to have certification from the licensing agency if you want to be able to get a job in this field.

However, with so many beauty schools available now, it is so difficult to decide which one is the best for you. That’s why we are going to list some of the best cosmetology schools including other information that might be necessary for you.

Factors That Makes A Good Cosmetology School

Before we started with the list, it is important to know about what factors that makes a good cosmetology school thus you can keep the factors in mind before deciding the schools and the programs. Below are several things you need to take a mental note:

1. Accreditation

First is accreditation, never pick a program that does not have a good accreditation, it just wasting your time and money.

2. Location

It is good if you can find a school that close to your residence, but if not, just consider relocating.

3. The cost

Well, you seriously need to search and compare the cost of attendance of the chosen beauty schools at first. Calculate and determine whether you have a match budget and whether you will get financial aid to settle some of the educational expenses.

4. Free Employment Assistance (FEA)

Do not worry; there are many schools that offer FEA which willing to help you upon graduation.

5. Courses and class sizes

Check on the list and consider what courses that available for you then determine whether they meet your needs. After that, choose whether you prefer to have small or larger class sizes, there are many programs which provide variety of class sizes that you need to prosper.

The Best Cosmetology Schools In The World List

Below is the best cosmetology schools recommendation list that you may want to take:

1. Regency Beauty Institute

The best thing about this beauty institute is it has 88 different locations across the states in USA meaning that you may be able to find the one that close to you. And wherever locations you finally choose, the cosmetology institute offers full education programs from hair to makeup. The institute will teach the students in a beauty salon environment so you will get a lot of valuable experiences for your career.

Moreover, you do not need to wait for that long to begin your cosmetology education since it offers classes start on a monthly basis thus the full time students are never need to wait more than thirty days to set their class. Some note that surely you will like is the fact that 84% of Regency Beauty Institute students receive financial aid so they make it possible for them to chase their careers in an exciting cosmetology and beauty field.

2. Paul Mitchell School

There are many courses available in Paul Mitchell School which you maybe want to take to pursue your career in certain areas such as nail academy, cosmetology, skin academy, barbering, career planning tools, and teacher training. The programs located all across the country and it makes the students easier than ever to start their cosmetology training in no time.

In addition, the cosmetology programs offer some classes that focus on makeup, fashion trends, cutting, manicure and pedicure, multicultural techniques, art of hairdressing, and facial which all of them prepare the students to get their cosmetology licenses as well as to take the examinations of state board. Paul Mitchell are always sets some standard for students so they can graduate from the school with excellence and high quality experience, after all Paul Mitchell is a household name in beauty industry.

3. Aveda Institute

As one of the best cosmetology schools in the world, there are 64 Aveda Institutes in many locations that provide essential courses to take such as cosmetology, Spa therapy, skin care or esthiology, nail technology or manicuring, and massage therapy.

Not only they offer valuable courses for your career in the future, but they also teach the students by placing them in certain roles from salon owner to hair stylish to directly interact with customers meaning that you get real world training. Not certain yet? There are around 7,000 students who graduate from this Institute each year and it can be seen as a successful sign of the program.

4. Beauty School Pro

Beauty School Pro proudly presents 80 years of experience when it came to train beauty professional. The schools themselves are available in more than one hundred locations across the country. Courses which available such as makeup artists, cosmetology, esthetic including fundamentals and advanced techniques that used by top and the best professionals in beauty industry.

The cosmetology program in beauty school offers basic skin care or esthetics, makeup, hair cutting and style, business and retail training, color and texture. The program makes learning more exciting as well as easier thanks to the digital textbooks and interactive experience with white board techno thus will give the students unique training.

5. OGLE School

Since 1973 the OGLE School helps the students to pursue their career in cosmetology field, the school has total of 8 different locations across Texas and offer day as well as evening classes. Not only that, experience instructors are given including financial aid and career placement assistance which going to help graduates finding the right jobs through reputable contacts.

Although the school is smaller when compared than the other schools above, but it gives more intimate setting for the students. The classes with small groups will encourage the students plus the instructors for having close relationship with each other that help with their learning and training; it also gives more supports for students to stick with their program.

6. Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers provides several different locations of school thorough Florida State for students who want to pursue their career in beauty field. The cosmetology program at this school is only available in Orlando, Miami Beach, Hollywood, and West Palm Beach, Florida. The program itself requires the students to finish their education by completing around 1200 clock hours and that’s equal with 17 months of attendance for evening students and 10 months of attendance for day students.

What you are going to get in this program? As a student you will learn basic theory of cosmetology and learn practical skills which important to become professional in the future. This program offers advanced learning in nail care, makeup, skin care, and hair style using pivot point option that allows the students to think and act like a real professional hair stylish. What you are going to love from Hollywood Institute program is the school is not only teach the students about training in cosmetology field, but also in customer service area where you can learn how to interact with customers and how to gain more clients in the future by provide the best services ever.

7. Xenon International Academy

Three different locations are offered by the Xenon International Academy which you can learn and train with professionals while able to use modern and state of art equipment: Colorado, Missouri, and Kansas. The program provides the students to learn from guest speakers, trade shows, salon tours, professional salon clinics, and career fairs.

You can choose from many programs available that can aid you to pursue your dream in beauty career such as Nail Technician Program, Esthetics Program, Cosmetology Instructor Program, and Cosmetology Program. Since the Xenon maintains an important business partnership with several well known beauty manufacturers, they can stay in current trends while encourage the students to think creatively in this field.

8. American National College

This is one of the best cosmetology schools in Southern America, located in both Georgia and Texas. Their cosmetology offers one of a kind program in entire South since they are the only one who can manage to get partnership with huge names in beauty industry like Dermalogica, OPI, and CHI. With total 1500 clock hours, the students at ANC needs to take extensive courses which you can check on the list below:

  • Shampoo & Related Theory
  • Salon Management and Beauty Practices
  • Hair and Scalp Treatment & Related Theory
  • Cold Waving & Related Theory
  • Chemical Hair Relaxing & Related Theory
  • Manicuring & Related Theory
  • Facials & Related Theory

Please take a note that the list above is taken from official website of American National College and thus if you want to know more regarding the program, you can directly go to its web. The students are allowed to take the classes based on their needs and they also offer not only day and evening classes, but weekend courses as well in order to prepare them to face state board examinations plus to get that cosmetology license.

9. Marinello Schools of Beauty

Marinello Schools has total of 60 different locations available across USA and students can find many campuses in Nevada, Connecticut, Kansas, Utah, Massachusetts, and California. This is the proof that Marinello Schools of Beauty is one of the leading chain in beauty schools which offer students to learn from professional instructors by taking classes whether in day or evening. The students can also flexible to choose their class schedules to attend.

Many great things you can point from this beauty school, like the fact that National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) is accredited the program as well as financial aids which available for students like grants, scholarships, and loans so they can cover educational expenses for the supplies, tuition, and books. The nicest thing from Marinello is that the students can gain so much experience from interesting education tools like real world salon experience, student competitions to encourage the students perform at their best, and professional experienced guest educators.

After graduation, the students still get some help from the program so they can easily get employment from trainings such as job search methods, interview skills, and resume writing. You can expect to get cosmetology license upon graduating from the program since you are going to be prepared to take state board exams.

10. The Hair Designs Institute

Special courses are available from Hair Designs Institute to help the students becoming the best in cosmetology field. There 3 different locations available if you want to find the nearest one: North Carolina, New Jersey, and Tennessee. Truth to be told, this is the only school that specialized in hair program and with that intention, the students will quickly become expert in that field. Specifically, the hair program is focuses on hair coloring, hair styling, and hair cutting.

Hair Designs Institute has Exclusive Cosmetology Career Network which going to help students find employment after graduation and not to mention they have excellent contacts in beauty industry such as New Beauty Schools, Regis, and Vidals Sassoon so you can expect easy to get started in cosmetology and beauty field. To make sure that you prepared to enter real world, the school itself offers real salon experience training and environment and that is really good.

Okay, now you know several cosmetology schools in the beauty field and we know that choosing the best one is not an easy thing. Just consider those factors that we already mentioned before. Make sure that you get the best educational training in this field so you can be prepared face the real world. Take your time when pick one out of ten, compare each other, and you will see that the decision will be much easier than before.

How To Choose A Cosmetology or Beauty School?

After we list top 10 best cosmetology schools in the world, we jump to the know-how to choose a cosmetology or beauty school to help you pick a final decision. Here you can learn easy guides finding then comparing cosmetology or beauty school near you:

  1. First search the school near you then contact them to ask more information, an admissions representative should be in touch with you soon.
  2. Make a priority checklist; decide which considerations are more important to you like whether it is more important for you that the program is cheap or that the school is teach all the skills you need. Maybe it is more important to you that the school has some sort of ‘in-school salon’ or the school have job placement assistant. We suggest that you need to sort the list from the most important to the least important thus you can make the best final decision.
  3. Do not forget to get information as much as you need by ask the admission representatives. You should make a list of questions to ask and do not be afraid to ask until you are satisfied and understand the school better. You need to be completely confident with the information that you get. And anyway, we provide some of important questions below to help you with the list.
  4. Now, you finally decide which cosmetology or beauty school according to your like and consideration. Quickly contact the school to apply once you decide and begin the process by discusses payment option at first.
  5. What you need to do after done all the steps is to get excited and be ready to start your school day!

Top Questions That Need To Be Asked When Choosing Cosmetology/Beauty School

Below are several questions that can help you to compare different cosmetology or beauty schools in the world, you maybe want to check this later:

  • What is your school accreditation? Well, is that even accredited?
  • Does the school offer financial aid or something like that to help the students in need?
  • How much is the tuition by the way?
  • Is the school tuition includes the books, supplies, and other cosmetology kits?
  • Can I have a tour?
  • How long does it takes for me to complete the education?
  • Student to teacher ratio, please?
  • Is there in school salon to get valuable experience?
  • Do you have job placement assistance after the students graduate?
  • Do you have night and weekend classes?
  • Do you offer full time or part time classes?
  • How about absence policy?
  • Do you offer preparation materials for us to face licensing exams?
  • What techniques and skills are taught in the program?
  • School graduation and job placement rates, please?

That’s it! We know that every people have their own preference when it come to choose which the best cosmetology or beauty schools. However, we hope our information above help you get the best one.


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