Who says men can’t use a moisturizer? From protecting you from the sun to keeping your skin healthy, a good quality moisturizer can have huge benefits for your looks and health that many men aren’t aware of.

Ask most men what moisturizer they use and you’ll get a simple answer: “none.” While men’s moisturizers are nowhere near as popular as women’s moisturizers, they do exist and they’re often packed with benefits for your skin that you, as a style-focused man, should know about.

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Below, we’ve listed what we believe are the five best moisturizers for men. We tested a wide variety of different moisturizers to assemble our list, ranging from budget options to high-end men’s moisturizers and skin creams with prices to match for both the face and body.

If you don’t want to read our full review, you can use the links below to jump straight to our top men’s moisturizer recommendations on Amazon:

  • If you want a high-quality facial moisturizer to keep your facial skin soft, smooth and free of acne or clogged pores, we recommend Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men.
  • If you want a great moisturizer for your hands and body that will prevent dry and irritated skin throughout the year, we recommend Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion.
  • If you want a cheap and simple all-purpose moisturizer that will keep your skin soft and prevent uncomfortable dry skin during winter, we recommend Vaseline Men Fast Absorbing Body & Face Lotion.

We’ve also listed several other moisturizers in our full review, most of which offer good results at a low price. However, the three products listed above are our top picks, with the best balance of quality, great results and value for money.

Before we get into our full reviews of the best facial and body moisturizers on the market for men, let’s cover the biggest reasons to add a moisturizer to your hygiene and grooming kit.

Why Should You Use a Moisturizer?

It’s no surprise that most men aren’t aware of the benefits of a good moisturizer. After all, the vast majority (and by “vast majority,” we mean 90% or more) of advertising for moisturizers is aimed squarely at women. As a result, most of us men are in the dark as to their benefits.

Moisturizers have several benefits. The biggest, as their name suggests, is that they stop your skin from drying out during the day. If you’ve ever come home from work with dry, itchy skin on your hands, face or body, it probably could have been prevented by applying a moisturizer.

Dry skin is unhealthy skin, and unhealthy skin quickly starts to look old. If you get dry skin, using a moisturizer can help you keep wrinkles away and retain a youthful appearance as you begin to get older.

This might not matter when you’re in your early 20s, but believe us — as time goes on, having a youthful appearance is a big benefit in life. It enhances your quality of life in every way you can think of, from your dating life to your self esteem.

In short, even if you’ve always thought of moisturizers as products for women, there are plenty of reasons to add one to your grooming routine. Besides, you don’t need to use it every day — even if you only apply it when your skin starts to feel dry, you’ll still get all of the benefits.

With these benefits in mind, we’ve listed our favorite men’s moisturizers below. All of the items we’ve recommended below are formulated specifically for men, without the feminine scent you would normally get from a woman’s moisturizer.

The Best Facial Moisturizers for Men

If you get dry, itchy skin on your cheeks, neck or forehead, using a facial moisturizer is a great way to improve your skin and prevent scarring and acne. We’ve listed two men’s facial creams below — one of which is a high quality moisturizer and the other a low-cost, budget option.

Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men

Brickell Men's Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men,...
  • What It Does: This light, fast-absorbing oil free facial moisturizer...
  • How It Works: Powerful, natural hydrating ingredients quickly soak...
  • Who It’s For: Men of any age with any skin type. Men with normal,...
  • Who We Are: Brickell creates skincare and grooming products for men...
  • Key Ingredients: Natural & Certified Organic ingredients, including...

Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer is a natural moisturizer designed to hydrate the skin on your face and neck to prevent skin damage and excessive dryness. This moisturizer is made using a variety of natural ingredients, ranging from jojoba oil to green tea.

Because of its natural ingredient profile, this moisturizer is an excellent choice if you have very sensitive skin that doesn’t respond well to other skin products. If cheap, chemical-filled creams give you a rash or skin irritation, the Brickell moisturizer is a great alternative.

When applied daily, this moisturizer will prevent dry and damaged skin from affecting the way you look. It will also balance overly oily skin, making it a great option if you have oily skin that develops acne easily.

Brickell make this moisturizer for men of any skin type. Because it contains hyaluronic acid, it will keep your skin extremely well hydrated throughout the day and prevent lines and wrinkles from forming near your eyes, mouth, forehead and neck over time.

No cream is 100% effective at stopping aging, but our own experience and hundreds of great reviews from existing customers show that this moisturizer has a noticeable effect on reducing the visibility and depth of wrinkles and frown lines.

Because this moisturizer absorbs quickly, it’s a great option if you live in a cold, dry climate and need something to apply to your skin before you go out. The scent is natural and fades quickly after it’s applied, making this a great discreet product for keeping your skin moist and healthy.

In short, if you’re looking for a men’s moisturizer that will improve your skin, reduce the visibility of wrinkles and frown lines, prevent oily or dry skin from forming and go largely unnoticed when it comes to smell, this is the one to pick. At $20 per bottle, it’s very fairly priced for its quality.

Every Man Jack Face Lotion

Every Man Jack Face Lotion, Fragrance Free, 4.2 Fluid Ounce
  • MADE WITH ALOE: Hydrate with Fragrance Free Face Lotion, containing...
  • MADE FOR YOU: Every Man Jack’s Face Lotion is made just for guys....
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At just $5.59 per four ounce bottle, Every Man Jack Face Lotion is one of the most affordable men’s facial moisturizers on the market. This moisturizer uses a mix of shea butter and other ingredients to keep your skin soft, smooth and free or irritation and acne.

Compared to the Brickell moisturizer, the Every Man Jack Lotion has a slightly oilier feel and a significantly less natural ingredient profile. Like with most budget moisturizers, it contains a mix of ingredients such as hexyldecyl laurate, sorbitan stearate and other synthetic compounds.

Of course, there are also plenty of natural ingredients in the formula. This moisturizer uses shea butter for hydration and chamomile to soothe your facial skin. All in all, it has a good mix of light, natural ingredients and a few of the unavoidable chemicals that appear in cheap moisturizers.

Every Man Jack recommends this moisturizer as a solution for dry skin and skin that’s irritated by razor burn. While we think you’ll get better results from a good aftershave balm, this makes for a good second option if other skincare products leave you with an overly dry face.

This is a fragrance-free facial lotion, which means there’s no noticeable scent that will stick to your skin like with many other moisturizers. If you’re after a cheap, discreet moisturizer, this is one of the best choices available in the sub-$10 price range.

At $5.59 per bottle, this men’s facial moisturizer is about as cheap as you can get before quality starts to decline. If you don’t mind a mixed natural and artificial ingredient profile, this is a great budget moisturizer for use during winter and other periods of cool, dry weather.

The Best Hand and Body Moisturizers for Men

It’s easy for your hands and body to get dried out and itchy during winter, especially if you live in a cold, dry area. We tested several body moisturizers for men to find out which product does the best job of keeping your hands moist and soft. Our favorite men’s body lotion is listed below.

Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion

Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion, 16 Fl Oz
  • Cool moisture body lotion with special cooling ingredients calm and...
  • Skin feels restored without stickiness or greasiness
  • For normal to all skin types
  • Special cooling ingredients calm and refresh overheated skin, making...
  • Macadamia Nut Oil hydrates skin and slows moisture loss

Jack Black have been making great skincare products for men since the late 90s, ranging from natural lip balm to energizing scrubs. Their Cool Moisture Body Lotion is one of the best men’s moisturizing lotions we’ve used, especially for smoothing out dry, weather-worn hands.

Before we get into our review, let’s answer the obvious question — no, Jack Black the company isn’t connected to Jack Black the actor. Instead, this company is just as famous in its own right, especially in the men’s skin care community.

Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion is made using a vegan, paraben-free, alcohol-free profile of ingredients, giving it a natural smell and feel. This lotion soaks into your skin quickly and has a smooth, pleasant feel with none of the greasy, oily texture of cheap men’s moisturizers.

This moisturizer is designed for all-over body use, meaning you can apply it to your torso and legs as well as your hands. Jack Black also sell a heavy-duty hand healer called the Industrial Strength Hand Healer that is ideal for repairing calluses, cracks and other hand damage.

Both of these products have a great cooling feeling and a mild fragrance that keeps your skin feeling fresh without ever producing the synthetic odor of many other moisturizers. If you want smooth, comfortable feeling skin throughout the day, this body lotion is a great pick.

In short, the Cool Moisture Body Lotion is the best product to choose if you need an all-round moisturizer for your hands and body, while the Industrial Strength Hand Healer is an excellent lotion for moistening and softening rough or cracked hands after work or in cold, dry weather.

This moisturizing lotion sells in a 16 ounce bottle, meaning you’ll get several months of use out of each bottle assuming you don’t overuse it. Since it only takes a small amount to really soften your hands and body, this is a great value buy if you frequently deal with dry and itchy skin.

The Best Budget Moisturizer for Men

If you just need a simple, reliable moisturizer to keep your face and body soft and comfortable in any weather, there’s no need to spend a fortune. The moisturizer we’ve listed below is available for $10 per 20 ounce bottle and does a good, albeit not fantastic, job of soothing your skin.

Vaseline Men Fast Absorbing Body & Face Lotion

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Vaseline promises that this moisturizer will soak into your skin and end dryness in 15 seconds or less. Based on our tests, we’re inclined to believe them. This is a good moisturizer that’s sold at an extremely good price, with a 20 ounce bottle available for less than $10 from Amazon.

This moisturizer uses the standard mix of synthetic and natural ingredients, which is typical for a cheap body lotion. If you’re looking for an organic moisturizer, this isn’t it. It does, however, have a fairly short ingredient list, which is a good signal for an inexpensive, “big brand” lotion.

From a softness and comfort perspective, this moisturizer scores well. It softens up dry skin in a minute or less, although Vaseline’s 15-second marketing claim isn’t always the case. It lasts for several hours at a time, meaning there’s no need for you to apply it liberally throughout the day.

From a fragrance perspective, however, it doesn’t score so well. This moisturizer has by far the most artificial scent of any we tested, with a smell that’s closer to Vaseline’s petroleum jelly than its other skincare products. Luckily, the smell fades quickly (within 15 minutes) and doesn’t last.

The texture of this moisturizer is pleasant. It doesn’t feel overly oily or greasy, although it isn’t as smooth as the Brickell or Jack Black moisturizers we reviewed above. For the price, it’s hard to complain, as this is a good all-round body and face lotion sold at an unbelievable price.

If you don’t have sensitive skin and want a good all-round moisturizer that won’t break the bank, the Vaseline Men Fast Absorbing Body & Face Lotion is a good choice. Just be prepared for the somewhat chemical scent — it will fade quickly, even if it bothers you at first.

What Do You Think is the Best Face/Body Moisturizer for Men?

Do you use a moisturizer? If not, adding one to your routine can help you quickly and effectively deal with dry, itchy and uncomfortable skin without the cost of hassle of other skin products.

We tested a wide variety of men’s moisturizers to put together our list above. If you think we’ve missed anything, or you have a favorite moisturizer you believe we’ve left out, let us know in the comments and we’ll make sure to include it in a future buyer’s guide or product review.

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