Green beauty has become the current trend that everyone likes. Best natural makeup brands not only used by people with sensitive skin but also by people who pay attention to the nature and health. Moreover organic makeup really gives a lot of advantage to your beauty over the regular one which is why this trend keeps getting new followers every day. Some of you might feel difficult to choose the best makeup for you, which is why we compose this list to show which natural brand that you can use in your green beauty movement.

Best Natural Makeup Brands You Should Try

1. Bare Minerals


All of you are beautiful, that is why you only need a makeup that will be able to enhance your beauty and not to mask it. Not to mention that they should also be safe not only for your own skin but also for the environment as well. Bare minerals offers all of that for you since their makeup is made using organic material thus making them natural 100%. Using their makeup you would not feel like you using too much makeup, which still making you look flawless and your skin glowing. This brand offers variety mineral makeup so you really need to explore them all to find the one that suit your taste.

2. RMS Beauty


You might already know about this best natural makeup brands since it is used by a long list of celebrity as their loyal customer. This brand is created by a makeup artist which also popular among celebrity. Not only this makeup is natural and organic 100% but it is also made to be food grade, which means you can eat them. Furthermore the makeup is made using no heat thus making them still in raw form which will also give even better benefits for your skin. So if you looking for a natural translucency, then this brand the one that you should try, especially since it is also high quality. All the customers that had tried this brand said that this makeup is really unique and comparable to those top makeup brand in the market. As this makeup is made using coconut oil, then you need to remember to put them inside refrigerator.

3. Kjaer Weis


Another best natural makeup brands which made by a popular makeup artist that you should try is this Kjaer Weis. But you should not doubt the quality of this brand since it is made after 8 year long research and development to create the best makeup using natural ingredient. As she consider health and beauty as one link that should support each other, that is why she made this beauty line to be organic and safe. The brand had also certification from CCPB as product which made using natural and organic material. Furthermore the brand really considers about cost and consumers spending since there are a few lines that come with refillable items.

4. Origins

One of the oldest and still the best natural makeup brands that you can find today. This makeup has last for more than 3 decades so you can be sure that the brand gives the best during their long journey. Although some of you might think that this makeup is a little bit costly, but it will worth all the money spend since you can indulge yourself in the purity of this makeup. The brand is made using plant based material with energy from wind and other resource that are nonrenewable which make them very natural indeed. Furthermore their natural scent really last for a long time which make them win good score from the reviewers.

5. Ecco Bella

If you not only compassionate about beauty but also caring and respect all of the living things, then this brand is the one for you. Not only there are fully natural as well as organic but this brand also cruel free. They do not contain any dye, gluten water and even preservative. That is why the brand really the most natural one on our list. Not only you will find makeup collection on this brand, but it also offers various body care collection in their product. So if you want to find the best vegan makeup then this brand is the one that you should really try.

6. Sephora Organic

As one of the biggest beauty brand in the world, of course Sephora will make it into our best natural makeup brands list. This French brand has their own organic line which completes their collection for all consumers market; they even make their own promotion for the organic line. So if you want to try more affordable but still natural makeup then you might want to try this brand, and remember to search for the organic line one.

7. Josie Maran

The name Josie Maran might already know as model, but you should know that she also has her name to be a one of the makeup brand. The brand is claimed to be all natural, all organic, and free from phthalates as well as paraben. And that might be the reason why the brand wins a lot of awards from beauty magazines such as Elle, Allure, Glamour, and Vogue. The brand is dubbed as luxury brand which sill conscience about the nature especially since the makeup is created using argan oil, environmentally friendly material, and earth friendly package.

8. ILIA Beauty

This brand is really one of the best natural makeup brands out there that you should definitely try. The one that makes this brand unique is because it is made using natural material which taken from all over the world. Then they are manufactured inside a special laboratory which not only gluten free but also cruelty free to animal and the laboratory had earn certification for it. The items are made from botanicals with certification, and the packaging even made using aluminum which is environmentally friendly.

9. Hauschka

This makeup is made using all organic material, extract from plants, and pure minerals. This might be the reason why the brand often wins various awards in green beauty category, and their sub categories. The brand itself already made since 1967 which means this brand is one of the oldest and also the top natural brands you can try. Not only the product will be able to add your beauty but also increate your health and that is the motto of this beauty product. The best thing about this brand product is because it is formulated specially so it could work best with the structure of your skin, thus it will be able to bring out renewal process to the skin.

10. Physicians Formula

For you who want to earn million dollars appearance but without the need to spend that much money, then you must try to use this best natural makeup brands. As the name implicates the product made from this brand is all approved by dermatologist. But you should not have to worry since the brand brings them out in very reasonable price so you can really use the value of your money. This might also be the reason why this brand is loved by many people around the world and you can easily purchase them in your local drugstore.

11. Pure and True

If you want to use makeup that not only good but also give back to the society then this brand is the one for you. They are not only luxurious brand but they really are high quality brand. When you purchase their product, not only it will be good for your skin, but the money will also be used on their charity and social work.

12. Afterglow

If you want to have best makeup that can last for a long time not like ordinary cosmetic brand out there, then you really must try the Afterglow. Not only the product is long lasting, but they also make you look glamorous. Their product is made to be free from synthetic preservatives as well as other fillers which you commonly found in ordinary cosmetic.

13. Zuii Organic

The one that made this brand popular and unique is because not only their product is made using organic material but they are made using flowers which already certified. This best natural makeup brands are formulated to enhance and protect your skin as well as increase its health along with the earth. Furthermore they are also cruelty free since the product is not tested to animals. They are vegan friendly, gluten and nano free which makes them suitable for most people.

Not only green beauty will be able to protect the earth but you will also protect yourself when you use one of these best natural makeup brands. As you can see, most of the product is specially formulated to be able to enhance your skin health which may be one of the benefits that people like when they using organic makeup brand. Try to get your hands on these brand and enhance your way of living.

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