Acne and their scars are two of the most destructive skin issues of all. You can see acne leaving deep scars on the skin that can easily be observed. These scars might seem annoying and compromise the skin health and beauty in many ways. But as a fact, no one can live with such scars on the skin for the whole life and find the proper and most effective solution, scar removal is the key to getting a smoother, healthier and glowing skin.

Let look into some of the best methods and practices that people have used and shared so far. I’ll be sharing what I found is the best for my own acne scars as well.

Before we start over and review all the effective practices that definitely have worked for others, a few things you should keep in mind are:

Not all methods work for everyone due to the differences in the skin types, the nature, and type of acnes and pimples, the age of the person, the age of the scars as for how long they have been on your skin and your own practices to keep your skin healthy.

Based on all these facts, the practices may bring different results for various people who try them out. So, make sure you can control your daily practices and stick to the solution you find as perfect for your skin, because for the best results, you need patience and persistence and keep on using the remedy until you start seeing the results.

The Main Causes

The main cause of developing acne scars is the damage done by the pimples and acnes on the upper layers of the skin. The skin loses its cells and develops a deep dent on the upper layers while some scars go deep and damage the deeper layers of the skin as well. The deeper and older the scar is, the harder it would be to remove it.

Types of scars

Scars can be superficial, which can be treated through herbal ways, and such skin can be retrieved quickly, whereas deeper and older ones need more time to be removed.

Types of remedies

The basic thing that is intended for all kinds of scar removal techniques is to regenerate or facilitate the generation of collagen on the skin surface to reform the skin and cover the deep dents on the skin.

You may find scar removal remedies categorized as:

• Medicine or surgical methods

• Herbal and homemade methods

Medicine or surgical methods

Due to the fact that people need immediate results and can’t wait to see the results for a long time, they might prefer using the ways that give immediate or quick results like:

• Co2 laser technique

• Tiny needles or micro-needling technique

• UV rays and cosmetic equipment

Skin resurfacing and laser techniques help in triggering the collagen cells to regenerate the cells and produce enough collagen to recover the damage. Further, dermal fillers are also used but they are not permanent and may leave you nowhere if you need to get your skin back to normal.

Micro-needling and UV equipment may also help in generating the collagen on the skin and may help in effective scar removal. Though some these methods work for those who can bear the cost and their skin allows them to adapt to these methods.

Herbal and homemade methods

Herbal methods work best to remove the scars and lower the probability of pimples coming back on your skin. Though it is not a faster way to treat the acne scars, these methods have no side effects and can give excellent results if used properly and regularly.

Lavender essential oil

Essential oils work best for various skin issues. If you are looking for an effective scar removal, you can apply lavender essential oil and rub on the skin to get a smoother, scar free skin. Though it will take a few weeks to get the desired results, but if the scars are not deep and old, you will start seeing results soon.

Lemon juice and honey

Lemon juice and honey are perfectly fit to make sure your scars will be removed soon, you may mix a quarter teaspoon of lemon juice in one tablespoon of organic honey and you will see the refreshing effects soon. Though using this face pack twice a week would do the job quickly.

Lemon juice and egg white

Lemon juice and egg white pack do the magic as well, and you may also add a few drop of honey for a glowing and cleansed skin.

Nutmeg + Cinnamon + rosewater + honey

These 4 ingredients, when mixed in equal amount, give a paste-like pack that can be used as a scrub. You may apply it on your face, leave it for 15 minutes and then rub it off by washing your face with cold water. Use this scrub for twice a week and see the results.

Baking soda+ rose water

Add a few drops of rosewater to one tablespoon of baking soda and make a paste to apply. You may use this pack for twice or thrice a week to see the desired results soon.

Coconut oil+ baking soda

Coconut oil has vitamin E and it repair skin quickly. Use the coconutoil+baking soda mask once or twice a week for best results.

Just remember, your skin needs to stay germ-free and lacks connection the collagen cells to produce new cells, which is possible when you use products rich in vitamin C and E and also that is capable of keeping your skin hydrated and soft. Scar removal is possible, you just have to be patient and you will start seeing the results when your skin gets transformed with no scars on it.

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