It’s safe to say we all want fantastic skin. Bio Oil is touted as one of the only products you need to get you from 0 to 60 in the shortest amount of time. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be, or does this product have some secret flaws? I want to give you a detailed, unbiased Bio Oil review to help you take a deeper look at it yourself.

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What Is Bio-Oil?

It sounds a little icky and unnatural, but the name doesn’t necessarily match the product. Bio Oil is a blend of different natural oils with a synthetic oil called PurCellin. This synthetic is one of the biggest selling points of the product, since it helps these oils have a lighter feel while they work their magic. The natural oils blended into Bio Oil are:
– Calendula
– Lavender
– Rosemary
– Chamomile
This mix of ingredients creates a thin oil you can use on your entire body. Because of the PurCellin, it doesn’t get all “goopy” like some thicker oils, and it will soak into your skin a little faster as well. But, beware of the smell, as it’s not exactly a scent you’d want as a perfume.

Does Bio-Oil Actually Work?

Asking if a product works or not, especially a skincare product, is a bit of a loaded question. Yes, it does work for some things, but it’s not the miracle cure-all you’ve been looking for your whole life. There’s no such thing as a skincare product that can do everything, so until someone invents one, we’ve just got to stick to what we know works for our particular problems. Bio Oil does have a few things it’s really good at, and it’s worth a try if you have any of the issues it is known to help fix.

What Bio Oil Can Do for Your Skin?

On the box itself, Bio Oil tells you exactly what you should be using it to fight. Namely:
– Scars
– Stretch Marks
– Uneven Skin Tones
– Aging Skin
– Dehydrated Skin
Let’s break down these claims and see how well it holds up its end of the bargain. In the positive spectrum, Bio Oil review information always mention how well it works for scars and stretch marks. This is actually something is does do well, but there’s a little bit of a catch here. It works best for newer scars and stretch marks, and it won’t do as much for those that have been there a while.
That’s not to say it doesn’t work for older scars and stretch marks at all, but you probably won’t notice as drastic of improvement as you would for a newer scar or collection of stretch marks. Many women have also said that using Bio Oil before their pregnancy stretch marks started forming helped them to reduce the severity of the stretch marks when they did show up.
All types of scars can be evened out by Bio Oil. No product exists that can completely blend scars to your original skin, but this one does a good job of healing the skin and helping the scars look more natural. It also works to blend uneven skin tones and correct discolored spots.
If you’re looking for a new anti-aging skincare routine, this particular oil may not be the one you need. It’s not the right formula to target signs of aging. Yes, it will help to moisturize your skin and correct some visible issues, but it’s not going to help build up your skin with hyaluronic acid, collagen, or any of the other ingredients that would reduce wrinkles or lines. Bio Oil isn’t really meant for anti-aging treatments, so it’s not designed in a way that would work to reverse gaining skin.
However, it is a nice moisturizer for dried skin. The oil combination is going to help your dehydrated skin to heal and get smooth again. You can also combine it with a normal moisturizer or lotion for a stronger effect and mixed benefits.

Bio Oil Products – What Forms Does It Come In?

If you want to try some Bio Oil for yourself, there’s not a lot of choices to make. The company only sells the original Bio Oil mixture as a liquid oil. It is not available in any different form like a cream, serum, or lotion. So, if you want to try Bio Oil, you’ve got limited options.
But, that doesn’t mean they are bad options. For starters, it’s probably a good idea to choose a smaller bottle, just so you know if it will work well for you or not. Once you’ve tried it, if you like it, you can upgrade to a larger size or a multi-pack instead. You’ll get a better price for bulk purchases if you do actually like how it works.

Some women like to mix Bio Oil into their other skincare products. Since it’s a fully oil-based product, it’s easy to mix with things like moisturizers or creams. But you don’t have to mix it, since it’s not the same as a lot of other oil products. This one won’t leave a greasy residue on your skin, making it a good option even without mixing. No one likes oil residue, but you won’t deal with that using Bio Oil.

Where Did Bio Oil Come from?

Bio Oil itself has a bit of a tangled history. It’s actually been sold since 1987, but it was relaunched in 2002 with greater success. The original maker, a German man named Dieter Beier, did not have much success selling it. But, his predecessors Justin and David Letschert managed to launch it successfully as a solution for scars and stretch marks.
It was first sold in South Africa, but by 2003 it was making rounds internationally. By 2019 it received multiple awards for being the number one skincare product in a number of countries. In the US, it’s still gaining more traction and hasn’t taken over yet, but many dermatologists, especially in the UK, recommend it for stretch marks.

Is Bio Oil Safe for Pregnancy?

Since Bio Oil is supposed to be great for preventing and evening out stretch marks, can it be used by pregnant women or not? There’s a lot of mixed opinions about this, but I would suggest avoiding it to stay on the safe side. Some of the oils used can be potentially harmful for women that are pregnant, although the company itself says that it’s safe for pregnancy and has been used effectively for years.
Testing hasn’t 100% definitivelysaid that Bio Oil is absolutely safe for pregnant women. If it were me making the choice, I would just use a different product that’s been approved for pregnancy. There’s no point in taking a risk that’s not necessary. But, you can use it leading up to pregnancy to help make your skin better, and after giving birth to reduce stretch marks. Use another product while you’re pregnant to help your skin stay soft and stretchy, so you won’t end up with as many stretch marks.

Can I Use Bio Oil on My Hair?

Although we’ve only mentioned using it for your skin, Bio Oil can also be used on your hair. It’s not going to be a miracle cure for hair issues, but it can do wonders for a dry scalp. Don’t leave it in your hair too long, for else it will create a greasy, oily mess when it mixes up with your natural hair oils. You can apply it to your hair at night before bed and wash it out in the morning. That way, you get all the benefits for your scalp without having to walk around with greasy hair all day.
If you’re going to use Bio Oil on your hair, make sure you concentrate it around your scalp and hair roots. It won’t do any good on the strands, so it would be a waste of time trying to spread it all around each piece of hair. Use it on your scalp to moisturize that part of your skin as well.

Does Bio Oil Cause Acne?

You can use Bio Oil on your face to help deal with acne scars. But, I would not recommend using it on your entire face. This is not a cleanser or an acne-fighting skincare product. Since it’s a mixture of oils, it is not the best choice as a facial moisturizer either. Try to use it exclusively for scarring.
Oil products are not great for acne-prone skin. If you have very dry skin, you may be able to get away with it. Most people probably don’t have the right type of skin to use oil products on their faces though, so nix Bio Oil as an all-over face treatment. Use it instead for acne scars by applying tiny amounts on the specific areas where the scarring is. This way you don’t have to forego the benefits, but you won’t create a worse acne situation in the process.

Bio Oil for Sensitive Skin

Oil mixtures are very nourishing and rich, which makes them a mixed choice for those with sensitive skin. If you use harsh oils on sensitive skin, it can cause a lot of irritation. Bio Oil isn’t made with harsh or powerful oils that will disturb you. It’s actually a fairly soothing mixture that works really well for sensitive skin. So, I can say feel free to give it a try, even if you have sensitive skin, and you should be okay. But, test it out on a smaller area first before applying it in any large amounts.

How Long Until the Results Show?

Patience is a virtue. Don’t expect overnight results from Bio Oil. Most skincare products that promise overnight results are lying to you, or are doing something that’s not good for you in the long-term. For Bio Oil, plan to use it twice a day for three months to get the best results. You’ll probably start to see it working sooner than three months, but for the full benefits three months is about right.

Conclusion: My Honest Bio Oil Review Opinion

Overall, I think Bio Oil is a great skincare product, as long as you’re using it right. As I said before, there are no miracle cure-alls anywhere in the world, but this oil does work really well for what it’s recommended. Namely scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tones. If you have other problems with your skin, Bio Oil might be able to help, but it also might not be meant for that purpose.
I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a good choice for scars and stretch marks. These are by far the most recommended uses for it, and almost every Bio Oil review you read will mention how it works for these two purposes. You’ll even find endorsements by doctors for those purposes, so I think it’s safe to say you can expect good things if you want to use Bio Oil for scars and stretch marks!

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