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Cream eye shadows are all the rave right now, with make-up artists and celebrities fawning over them. Why are they in such high demand? Probably because of the glossy and real look they give to your eyelids as opposed the dry effects of shadow powders.

Shadow powders are said to look unreal at times and appear to just sit atop the eyes, instead of blending in and giving the eyes the desired pop. For this reason many people swear by cream eye shadow. However, as with everything new and adventurous, it’s better to take a little bit of time to get to know the basics and get it done right.

In this article we will give you a step-by-step guide to choose the right brand of cream eye shadow and to properly apply cream eye shadows on your lids. Read on to learn how to achieve the best and glossiest eyelids yet.

What Will You Need?

To properly apply cream eye shadow to match the skills of a professional make-up artist, you will need the following:

  • Primer
  • Powder Eye shadow
  • Cream Eye shadow
  • Synthetic Eye shadow Brush
  • Clean Fingertips
  • Foundation and Moisturizer (Optional)

Easy Steps to Apply Cream Eye Shadow

Choose Your Cream Eye Shadow

6 Easy Steps on How to Apply Cream Eye Shadow Like a Professional

There are a variety of brands that manufacture cream eye shadows in multiple colours. Obviously, the first thing when choosing a brand is to consider your wallet, and be certain that you can afford them.

Second, the colour of eye shadow you get is important. If you are new to cream eye shadows, it will be more advisable to get natural, dull and nude colours that can blend easily with the skin. When you become more experienced with the application of cream eye shadows, you can try experimenting with other shades and colours.

Finally, be sure to get a freshly manufactured pack, you will know this by checking for the expiry date on the body of the container. Also, the cream eye shadow should not look dried out or stick to the sides of the container; these are indicators that you are getting a substandard product or an expired one.


6 Easy Steps on How to Apply Cream Eye Shadow Like a Professional

Wash your face with clean water and your favourite cleanser. Then go on to moisturize your face. However, you should make sure to avoid oil-based moisturizers. Oil-based products tend to interact with the cream eye shadow and they can ruin the glossy look.

After moisturizing with a non-oil based moisturizer, you can go on to apply foundation, which is also optional. Eye makeup can still work great without foundation. However, if you plan on applying foundation onto your face, you should do so before applying your eye makeup.

Apply the Primer

6 Easy Steps on How to Apply Cream Eye Shadow Like a Professional

A primer is important for beginners, as it makes the cream eye shadow budge proof i.e. clump-free and smoother. The primer has the ability to hold the cream eye shadow in place for a longer period of time.

You can make use of the cream variety for longevity and for the infusion of some vitamins into your skin. You only need to apply a thin layer of primer, this is perfectly sufficient in holding the cream eye shadow in place.

Pro Tip: After you get the hang of applying cream eye shadows, you will no longer have the need to apply a primer beforehand. However, a primer is important at this stage to help you hold the cream eye shadow in place and prevent it from clumping, or looking smudged.

Apply Your Cream Eye Shadow

Apply the cream eye shadow onto your eyelids after applying the primer. It is a general consensus among professional makeup artists that it is much better to apply the cream eye shadow with your fingertips.

Place a small amount of cream eye shadow at the centre of your eyelid, and then use your clean fingertips to carefully distribute the cream onto the whole eyelid. Make sure that you keep it on in a thin layer. It is advised to add multiple layers to make the colour more obvious, however, wait for each layer to dry before applying the next.

Pro Tip: After applying the cream eye shadow onto your eyelid with your fingertips, use a synthetic brush to blend the eye shadow onto your whole eye. It is important to use a synthetic brush as it is less likely to absorb the eye shadow, and cause clumps on your eyelid.

Pro Tip: You have the power of choosing between the stick cream eye shadow which Laura Mercier has in the market, and the usual Compaq eye shadow. The former is less likely to cause a mess and can be substituted as eyeliner.

Apply The Powder Eye Shadow

6 Easy Steps on How to Apply Cream Eye Shadow Like a Professional

While the primer is good for prolonging the gloss and shine of the cream eye shadow, utilising the powder shadow further increases the longevity. The powder eye shadow is important for creating a matte on your eyelids. This is especially vital if you have oily eyelids or have to wear the makeup for an extended amount of time.

However, the application of the eye shadow can take some gloss and shine out of the cream eye shadow, which is why it as advised that you apply multiple layers of cream eye shadow before applying the powder eye shadow.

Pro T ip : Apply powder eye shadow of the same shade as the cream eye shadow for a colour pop. Also add a shade of metallic powder eye shadow to give your eyes more drama.


6 Easy Steps on How to Apply Cream Eye Shadow Like a Professional

It is very important to blend everything together once you are done. At this point it is more advisable for you to use a blending brush as opposed to your finger nails.

Here, just stroke the brush along the edges of your eyes and around the corners to blend it in with your skin, and give a smooth transition between eye shadow and skin. Remember to utilize a synthetic blending brush! Once you do this, you should be ready to hit your very own red carpet.


We hope his tutorial was detailed enough to assist you in applying cream eye shadow like a professional? Did you try out the steps? Did the eye shadow come out as you expected it to? We hope it did.

However if it didn’t, don’t worry just keep going at it. Applying cream eye shadow like a professional does not just happen with just one try. After a few more tries you should be more confident and get the hang of its application. Remember to try out different shades and colours, and experiment with various looks like the Smokey eye and various others.

We would love to hear from you on how it went, whether you were successful at first try or had to try a few more times. Talk to us in the comments and let us know.




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