Let us all admit it; the situation of having a receding hairline is one uncomfortable and quite honestly, a scary occurrence. There are a number of possible reasons on why this happens. First, it may be due to stress you have been going through recently. Second, it may also have to do with your genes and hereditary.

And more commonly, having a receding hairline can just be due to the natural age pattern of human beings. In any case, there is no need to worry. This is because receding hairline is nothing that cannot be fixed. With a receding hairline comes a variety and multitude of solutions that you can use.

Allow this article to tell you what methods you can use plus additional information on how you can tell if your hairline is finally starting to recede.

What We Need

Castor oil, an organic element that does wonders to hair. Very known as the popular natural oil that can help you get bushy and thick but natural brows, this oil is perfect as a home remedy.

  • Pillow cases made out of satin or silk

Pillows, believe it or not, may actually affect the receding of your hairline. For this reason and other which will be explained further in the latter part of this article, you will need to change your pillow covers into something made of satin or silk.

  • Rogaine treatment

Rogaine, or also known as Minoxidil, is a treatment common for solving problems regarding receding of hairline. In fact, it is an ideal treatment for the early parts of receding hair and has been regarded as the solution with one of the fastest effects to kick in.

How to Fix Receding Hairline

Usage of home remedies

Step 1: Natural and organic oils are one of the best things that make home remedies work very well. For this method, you will need castor oil, an organic treatment that largely helps with hair receding.

Step 2: For the second step, you are going to need a small in which you will pour a small amount of castor oil. For best results, try to mix the oil with just a few drops of lemon oil. Make sure you mix them thoroughly before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: After making the mixture, you may now start applying this to your hair. Take note that you have no need to place or put this all over every single strand in your hair. Instead, all you need is to apply it on the part of your hair that has been receding.

Application of minoxidil

Step 1: In addition to usage of castor oil, you may also opt to do a method with the use of minoxidil or Rogaine, a tropical treatment. Before anything else, make sure your hair is dry as well as your scalp and that not a single part is wet.

Step 2: There will be a prescribed amount that will be given when you buy the product. So with that said amount, you may now proceed to apply it on the specific part of your scalp that is affected. It is imperative that you start on the center of the affected part. Do this with the use of the applicator that comes with it.

Step 3: Afterwards, rinse your hands with water. Make sure you just leave your scalp be within the next four hours. Do not wash it. Do not rinse it.

Step 4: After four hours, you may check your scalp if it has been completely dried out. This is because Rogaine may actually stain any clothed surface it makes contact with. It is important that you do not use a blowdryer and that you just allow your hair to air dry on its own.

Little tweaks in routine

Step 1: Starting with the main subject of this article — your hair, please refrain from combing through your hair excessively. Most especially on the affected part. This can absolutely worsen your situation. For best results, just try to limit your hair-combing to one time per day. Also, try to avoid combing backwards.

Step 2: If you have been a habit of coloring or dyeing your hair, then you may want to try and lay low a bit on this one. Further exposing your hair to harsh chemicals like dye or harsh shampoo will just worsen the receding of your hair.

Step 3: Let’s move to the bedroom for this step. If you have been used to pillow or pillow cases that are made out of cotton, then you may want to change or modify that a bit. Cotton cases cause more friction. For this reason, you may want to change your pillowcases to satin or silk-made ones.

This is because with the use of these types of pillow cases, your head can be cradled better and in result, the occurrences of hair loss or hair thinning will also lessen.

How can you know if your hairline is starting to recede?

Let’s start with the basics. First of all, it is imperative that you know that hair receding can happen to both genders at any age. The common misconception is that only men have to worry about hair loss. Wrong. In fact, the official terms are Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Hair Loss, for men and women, respectively.Male baldness usually starts with the receding of the hairline.

This occurs once you notice that the front part of your hairline has started to form the letter M. Meanwhile for women, it is not the usual receding like in Pattern Baldness. Instead, it begins on the part line where it will slowly thin down.

How to check if hairline is receding?

For men, you will need a fine-toothed comb to run through the front up to the back of your hair. Check if an M shape has formed. If not, then you’re safe. Meanwhile, for women, you will need to make a parting line all the way from the front to the back, check if there are parts that are thin. Any uneven thickness of hair may be sign of hairline receding or hair thinning.

In the event that your hair is completely, dense and thick all over then yes, you are completely safe.

Final Thoughts

Hairline receding may be an uncomfortable situation. But it has its own sets of methods of solutions that you can use to remedy your situation. With the simple use of castor oil, Rogaine or satin or silk pillow cases, you can quickly turn the scenario around. In addition to all that, you may also want to check thoroughly your scalp to confirm that your hairline is, indeed, receding.

For men, comb through the scalp and look for an M shape. For women, create a part al throughout the front yo to the back of your hair.

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