Getting a lighter skin tone quickly is the dream of every girl who has an uneven skin tone. Though, it is not a bad thing to have a dark skin. But, having a dull and uneven skin is not a good sign. The girls do need even and bright skin that glows in every season. It seems impossible for some reasons but,actually it is not. You can get lighter skin tone that is even and gives a healthy look on your face easily, by following a few of the habits that are a part of theroutine of those, who already keep a light skin tone.

Here we’ll be discussing what kind of routine habits you can adopt if you need to get a fair skin tone. You can expect surprising results if you keep on following the tips given below:

Things You Should Avoid:

  • Stop eating foods that have a high-fat content, spicy foods, bakery items and beefy content.
  • You need to change the beverages you take in every day. Make sure to use pure water or fresh juices rather than cold drinks or tea.
  •  Stop wearing heavy makeup all day long, as it damages the skin and makes it seem unhealthy, dead and dull.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time under the direct sunlight, as it promotes theproduction of skin tanning component on the skin called Melanin.
  • Don’t use low-quality cosmetics, and make sure to find high quality and organic products for your skin.

Your Daily Routine Should Be:

Your daily routine can make a lot of difference in making your skin look lighter in tone day by day. Here is what you can do:

  • Make a habit of cleansing your face with an oil-free or neutral PH cleanser before going to bed.
  • Apply a moisturizer or a night cream having hyaluronic acid or rich in vitamin C. It is because both of these contents generate new collagen and help in keeping the skin healthy.
  • Use a quality face wash having neem extracts in it, to prevent bacteria. Make sure it deeply cleansesyour skin to avoid collection of dead cells on it and it will give a cleaner, brighter complexion for sure.
  • Scrub your skin once or twice a week and try usinga mild toner and moisturizer after that, to avoid blemishes. Also, you should use the scrub gently and not with strong strokes.
  • Always use a sunblock agent or lotion before you go out. and avoid direct sunlight to keep your skin unaffected.
  • You can use a skin cream that is rich in Vitamin C and E. A Vitamin C serum also helps in lightening the skin. Though, you can use fresh lemon as well.

Daily And Weekly Face Packs You May Use To See The Results Quickly:

As a dark skin owner, I also have tried many things to make sure I have a light and even toned skin, that looks healthy and glowing. So, here are the tips that you will see that have shown results on my skin so, never hesitate to try them out. You don’t have to use all of the packs, but you can take 1-2 of them in your routine, that you think are easier to manage. But regular usage is the key to getting the desired results:

Lemon+ Honey Mask

The lemon honey mask is the best mask that keeps your face hydrated, lightens the skin tone and remove impurities from the skin surface.

Add one or a half lemon juice in one teaspoon of honey and apply it on the skin for 15-20 minutes. You can use this pack once or twice a week to see the results.

Lemon+ Tomato Mask

Lemon and tomatoes, both are natural bleaching agents having lots of benefits for the skin. Crush tomatoes and add half lemon juice in it. Apply the mixture on your face, leave it for 20 minutes and rinse off with cold water. You can use this mask every third day. Just remember, applying a moisturizer after using the mask is mandatory, because it leaves your skin very delicate and sensitive.

Yogurt + Turmeric

Yogurt can be used alone or with turmeric. You just have to massage a little amount of yogurt and leave it for a few minutes. Rinse off with water after that, and you will see refreshed skin that glows.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is a natural moisturizer and antibacterial as well. It lightens the skin and keeps it hydrated. You can apply the gel directly or add a few drops of rose water in it. You can use it once a week.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is very beneficial in keeping the skin tone light and healthy. You can rub and massage a few drops of almond oil daily, before going to bed. It can also be used in place of the night cream you might be using.

Rice Powder Scrub

You can grind the rice and make a powder. Take the rice powder and add some rosewater to make a thick paste. Leave the mask for 30 minutes on your skin and then rinse off. Use rice powder scrub twice a week.

Other Options For You:

Other than the herbal remedies that will definitely work to help you get a fair complexion, if you need some cosmetics or ready to use products, you may use herbal products or organic products to help you achieve the fair skin tone. Other than herbal products, there are other helpful compositions that are available and you can try them out. But it should be after the approval of your skin specialist or dermatologist to make sure you are not going to get into any kind of troubles.

Serums And Face Creams

Skin serums and face creams which are rich in vitamin E and vitamin C can help a lot in lighting your skin tone. You may also see to have SPF factor in the creams, to make sure it protects your skin from the sun damages.

Clay Masks

Clay masks also help in cleansing, rejuvenating and keeping the skin hydrated. These masks help in promoting blood flow to the skin cells and also clears dead skin cells, which results in a glowing, healthy, even-toned and fresh skin.

Vitamin E Capsules

Vitamin E capsules and serums are available on the market. You may use these, to create a healthy glow and fair touch on your skin. But make sure, you use it once a week or with great care, as it leaves your skin sensitive to sunlight and heat.

All of the above-mentioned tips and techniques are meant to give a safe and effective solution for your skin, so that it becomes fairer and gives a bright look naturally. All you need is to have patience when you are implementing any of such tips, and you would definitely see the results in a few weeks after following the routine masks. Make sure your skin is always handled with care and should be treated with mild products having no harmful ingredients in it. If you don’t care about it, you may expect to damage your skin permanently. So, be careful in the selection of the remedies and products and always consider the ones that match your skin conditions. Stay confident!

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