Fair skin is something of a dream for many of us around the world, but it can become a reality if you know the right remedies and tricks. You don’t have to go for bleaching creams or expensive treatments, because there are other ways to lighten your skin tone. I want to help you learn how to get fair skin without breaking the bank.

Can You Get Fair Skin Naturally?

When you’re trying natural remedies, you must remember that there are limits to how light your skin can get. You can usually expect it to get a few shades lighter, but you can’t expect a complete transformation to a new color that’s vastly lighter than your normal skin color. If you have realistic expectations, you’ll be happier with the results than if you expect too much from your skin.
There are so many ways to naturally lighten your skin. The best methods help to remove the top layers of skin that have been exposed to the sun and have developed more melanin. This act resets your skin to it’s natural, lighter coloring. You can also work to change darker top skin back to its original color by using natural acidic ingredients to reverse the darkening process.

How to Get Fair Skin

Here are a few of the most common methods to help make your skin fair:

1. Lemon Juice Mixtures

Lemon is one of the most powerful lightening ingredients found in nature. You can use fresh lemon juice alone and apply it to your skin directly, or mix it with other ingredients before applying it. Some people choose to mix it with honey or water to dilute the effect of the juice, since it can irritate your skin when applied alone. It’s not recommended to use lemon juice on your skin every day, because it can cause sensitivity and irritation if used too much.

2. Exfoliation

A good exfoliation routine helps your body replace layers of skin more quickly by removing the top layer. You can use many natural exfoliation recipes, or you can choose your favorite exfoliating product. Exfoliation can be added to your normal hygiene routine by keeping a pumice stone or other rough product in the shower for regular use.

3. Raw Potatoes

Potatoes have a few natural ingredients that have been found to help with skin lightening. All you have to do is cut a raw potato in thick slices and rub them onto the skin you want to lighten. Leave the residue until it dries, then wash it off. Doing this routine 3 times per week will gradually help you lighten your skin, although it may be slower than some other methods.

4. Mashed Tomatoes

Tomatoes are also full of potentially lightening ingredients, although they are not very quick acting and may take a few weeks (3 to 6) to get the best results. Cut a raw tomato and mash it into a pulp. Rub the pulp onto your skin, then rinse it off after it’s dried again. You may notice this also helping to add a beautiful blush shade to your skin while it lightens.

5. Turmeric Paste

Most of the benefits of turmeric come from eating the healthy spice, but it actually has a mix of ingredients that may help you get fair skin as well. Mix the spice with olive oil, apply the paste to your skin, then rinse it off after about 15 minutes. If you have dry skin, this method is also going to help you moisturize your skin. Those with oily skin should avoid this and any other methods that include using oils.

6. Natural Masks

So many natural face masks made from regular household ingredients will be able to help you get the fairer complexion you’re seeking. A few of the most popular are egg white masks, lemon and honey masks, cucumber honey masks, sugar facial scrubs, and banana milk masks.

7. Baking Soda & Water

Baking soda is a basic household ingredient that can help to lighten your skin by a few shades. You can mix it with a little water and put the mixture on your skin. After about 15 minutes, wash it off. This can be done daily without risk to most skin types, expect those with sensitive skin.

How to Keep Skin from Getting Darker?

Want to make sure you can avoid losing that beautiful lighter complexion once you get it? Here are a few ways to keep your skin lighter and avoid it darkening:

– Avoid direct sunlight

The sun is your worst enemy if you want to keep fair skin. Stay out of direct, harsh sunlight to help avoid losing your fair skin. When you’re going out, try to do so in the times that are less intense, such as the morning or the late afternoon. The harsh afternoon sun is a sure way to lose your fair skin quickly!

– Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must if you’ll be leaving the house on any day. SPF 30 is the recommended type, as lower SPFs won’t block enough of the sun to make a huge difference. Remember that sunscreen can also be found in some other beauty products like moisturizers, makeup, and lotions, so you don’t always have to use a dedicated sunscreen product.

– Block your skin from sun outdoors

When going out into the sun, wearing clothing that offers more protection. You should try to cover your skin as well as possible, including wearing wide-brimmed hats (2 to 3-inch brims are best) and sunglasses. Long sleeves, dresses, and pants, even if they are made from a more heat-friendly material, can help to shade you from the sun.

– Remember reflected sunlight

Keep in mind that sunlight can be reflected onto your skin from surfaces below you, so you aren’t always safe if you just stand in a shady place or use something like an umbrella to block the sun.

– Eat more Omega-3 fatty acids & lycopene

These two ingredients have some evidence that suggests they help block production of excess melanin, leading to lighter skin. Red vegetables like tomatoes or red peppers are usually high in lycopene, while fish is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.


It doesn’t have to be impossible for you to get the beautiful, fair skin you’re looking for. Try these natural home remedies and see if they work on your skin! Remember that it will always take time, but you can learn how to get fair skin the natural way and keep your body healthier in the process.


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