Tanning is a highly controversial thing to do. It’s not always recommended to intentionally tan yourself, since this intentional sun exposure can lead to higher risks of skin cancer. But, at the same time, a rich tan can really improve your look and make you appear both healthier and more attractive. It’s such a simple thing to do, and the benefits really show! The process of getting a tan can take longer than we want sometimes, which is why I want to help you with a few tips about how to get tan fast.

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How does Your Skin Get Tan?

Your tan develops when your body produces extra melanin. This is trigged by exposure to certain types of light rays, usually UVA or UVB rays from the sun or a synthetic light source. The melanin is produced in your new layers of skin, so your tan won’t last forever. If you get tanned once, it will last until that layer of skin is replaced by another without melanin.

If you want to get tanned faster, you can take a few steps to accelerate the production of melanin in your skin. But, you will have to continue doing whatever you’re doing to get the benefits over time and keep your skin nicely tanned.

How Tan Can You Get?

There’s only so much your natural skin can tan. If you use artificial means to tan, like tanning products that add tint to your skin, you can get to whatever shade you want. But, your skin itself cannot reach every shade of color. Be aware that not everyone can get a dark brown tan, but most people can get a lot darker than their natural skin color.

To keep the color you want, you’ll have to get to that color and work to maintain your tan. Moisturizing your skin helps you maintain your tan for longer. Exfoliation before tanning sessions may also help you get the best tanning results from natural skin tanning, and it might help you get and maintain a darker shade of brown

Accelerating Your Tan – How to Get Tan Fast?

There are only three main ways you can affect your tan. These three methods involve different products and steps, so take a look and see which one may be a good idea for you:

1. Tanning Accelerators

Many products exist on the market to help you get a natural tan faster than usual. These are called accelerators. They have ingredients that help your skin produce melanin more quickly or ingredients to help concentrate the sunlight and give you a faster tanning session. Many products have oils that will help moisturize your skin while also concentrating the sun.

Some products are accelerators and bronzers. These can a little bit a of tinting in the formula that will add some color to you while it helps you get an even darker natural color. The result is a deeper tan that holds for longer.

If you don’t have any tanning oil on hand, you can use from natural ingredients in place of a good lotion. Try things like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, or green tea extract to speed up your tan and moisturize your skin at the same time. The added moisture will help to hold in your tan and keep you glowing a bit longer than you may have expected.

Whatever you apply, it’s recommended that you wash it off with soap and water when you’re done tanning. This won’t affect your tan at all, but you might be able to avoid the unpleasant feeling of having residue on your skin after tanning. Use a moisturizing lotion after every outdoor tanning session to lock in your tan.

2. Tanning Salons

The fastest way to evoke a tanning reaction from your body is to use a tanning bed at a salon. You can get a full-body tan within 15 minutes or less. To start with, many new tanners only need up to 5 – 8 minutes in a tanning bed to come out with a beautiful color a few shades darker than usual. Be careful not to overdo it, because you can easily damage your skin or accidentally burn yourself using a tanning bed.

It’s a good idea to put on a moisturizing lotion before using a tanning bed. This is going to help protect your skin from damage while you’re getting your tan. Be sure to wear special eye protection to avoid eye damage from tanning beds.

Tanning beds use concentrated UV rays to tan you quickly. Unlike the sun, which has both UVA and UVB rays, tanning beds only use UVA rays, which are the ones that cause melanin to be produced. The high concentrations of UV rays will harm your skin over time, and will drastically increase your chances of getting skin cancer during your life, even if you stop using a tanning bed completely.

3. Instant Tan Products

If you want to get a nice tan without any risks of skin cancer or without having to spend time sitting out in the sun, there are a lot of products that can the job for you. Bronzers and faux tan lotions are all over the place. Find a highly recommended, reliable brand and you will usually get great results that look real. If you find the best products, no one will be able to tell that you used a product at all!

Most tanning products are applied by hand or with a rag. They come and lotions or oils, and usually have some other benefits that go along with them, like moisturizing or SPF blocking. For another option that gets a bit more even coverage, you can go to a salon that does spray tanning. Most tanning salons that have tanning beds offer spray tan as well.

Spray tans are applied by a professional or a machine so that you’ll get full, even coverage on your body. They last for a while, and look very natural as long as you get the spray applied by someone who knows what they’re doing!

All of these products are used for instant tanning. Some lotions and oils build up your tan little by little, while other methods give you a dark glow as soon as they’re applied.

4. BONUS: Tanning Tips for Faster Outdoor Tanning

– The sun is strong between 10am – 4pm. Tanning between these hours may speed up the process for you.

– To concentrate the light on your skin more, tan with a reflective surface like a mirror or reflective towel.

– Tanning over water, such as on a pool floatie, also concentrates the light to give you a faster tan.

– You’ll have no issue with tan lines if you can tan with as little clothing on as possible.


Getting tanned can take time, but there’s proven ways to speed it up a bit. Use these tips on how to get tan fast and you’ll be looking your best before you know it!

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