You know better than to start picking at your skin. Hours and hours of face-picking sessions, a habit you know will potentially leave you with a bloodbath – literal blood, scars, and pain. Yet you still can’t stop doing it. If this sounds familiar, then you might just like be me. Maybe you are just the type of picker who goes off into endless face-picking session when stressed or anxious or maybe you even do it, unconsciously.

Or maybe, you are the type who really go obsessive over it, the one who picks at her face when sad, when happy, in the morning, every day. If all these ring a bell, read on and find out how exactly I got myself to stop this habit.

What You Need

How to Stop Picking Your Face? Your Quick 3-Step Guide

A notebook will be handy for you to take down notes. Noting all the tips within this article will help your memory retain the information you gather in order for you to be able to stop picking at your face.

How to Stop Picking Your Face? Your Quick 3-Step Guide

Don’t use the already used ones. Instead, get yourself a new pair of those thick kitchen rubber gloves.

How to Stop Picking Your Face? Your Quick 3-Step Guide

This will make a complete sense later on. But to give you a gist, a couple of post-its will be helpful for when you take down little messages for your very own self.

How to Stop Picking Your Face? Your Quick 3-Step Guide

Skincare masks are the ones you apply to your skin for a certain period of time. You might be needing an Aloe Vera for this one as they can be put onto your skin for longer periods of time.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Stop Picking Your Face? Your Quick 3-Step Guide

Admit that you have a problem. Picking at your face is more than just a harmless or mindless habit. Yes, it creates harm to your skin. And yes, it will potentially leave your skin in craters without going back. But it is also so much more than that just that. Unbeknownst to the majority, the very habit of picking at your skin may be due to your OCD or your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or your anxiety.

Your skin-picking severity can vary and range from just an unconscious habit to a full-blown disorder. But whichever is the case, the first step to solving this problem is to acknowledge it. It makes it easy to solve when you talk about, when you know you have got a real problem. Talk about it with your Mom. Visit a psychologist. Knowing that you have a problem and finding the root cause of it will help you deal with it better.

How to Stop Picking Your Face? Your Quick 3-Step Guide

Next, you take an oath to yourself that you will never do it again and you proceed to your solutions. List down your list of solutions that you will be doing to solve your problem. Maybe, you can make a checklist. Writing it down will help your memory retain it. Below are the ones you probably need to put in your checklist.

Identify the root cause. As stated in Step One, acknowledging that you have a problem will help you find the root cause of this problem which will inevitably help you solve your skin-picking habit. This is why it is also essential for you to visit a psychologist. You may be diagnosed with anxiety.

Or maybe you use skin-picking as your method and means of relaxation. Finding the root cause will help you find alternatives. So, say instead of skin-picking when you need to be relaxed, channel your attention to watching television, instead.

Do it the post-it way. So, what does this mean? The post-it method is basically scattering around sticky notes with messages like, “Don’t pick at your face!” or “Stop picking!”. You can post them especially in your bathroom or where you’re most likely to pick. Seeing messages like this when you start to feel compelled to pick again will remind you that you have to stop and that you took an oath never to do it again.

How to Stop Picking Your Face? Your Quick 3-Step Guide

Throw all those harmful tools. And when I say harmful, I mean those tools you use and those tools that come in handy whenever you start your face-picking sessions. Some people use needles or tweezers. It can also be something seemingly insignificant and irrelevant as a magnifying mirror. But whatever it is, as long as it helps you pick at your face, you got to toss them out.

Create barriers. When you are alone at home with your thoughts, it can be very tempting to start picking at your face especially when you are just too lost in your own thoughts. You can wear a pair of those thick kitchen gloves. This will prevent you from being able to feel your skin even if you get the urge to run your hands over your face.

You can also equip yourself with a couple of facial masks. You can ask your dermatologist about the type of facial that will work best with your skin, but it’s usually the aloe vera that can stay on your face for as long as you want without interfering with any of the meds you might be taking.

Keep yourself preoccupied as much as possible. The key here is to keep your thoughts busy and your mind working. When you are alone at home, make sure you have your television on and o that you have crossword puzzles or other board games you can busy yourself with.

How to Stop Picking Your Face? Your Quick 3-Step Guide

And of course the last step is, achieve your goal. You can set a goal date for when you want to see changes in your skin. Giving yourself a due date will give you more motivation. But while you’re at it, don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

The journey to a clear skin may be a hard and long one but you can do it. You can also start asking your loved ones from help. Give them full authority to call you out or even guard you.

Added Tips

There’s a 101% chance that you have already picked. And if this is the case, your face is probably in warzone right now. The very first thing you gotta make sure before anything else is to wash your hands thoroughly and make sure they’re clean. Use tissues or paper towels to pat your face dry. Again, make sure they’re spotless clean. Apply your topical med or antibiotic to clean your face. Next, get yourself a Neosporin and apply it to those spots. If for some reason, you need to get the pus out of a zit. Never start with cotton swabs. Instead, take two Q-tips and apply gentle pressure on each side of the pimple in an even manner. But do note that before you can even start, be certain that your skin is soft, first. Take a shower and put a warm compress on it.

Final Thoughts

That’s my easy and quick 3-step guide. All these have helped me stop my face-picking habit. Just remember, you gotta acknowledge the problem then make an oath to solve it and finally, achieve your goal. The journey to a clear and zit-free skin is going to b a difficult and maybe even a long one. But just remember, getting yourself to stop picking at your skin means you already a couple of steps forward to achieving that skin.

I hope you enjoyed this article! If you have some more questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave them down below. I’ll see you on the next article!

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