Your body is a wonderful and complex system. It’s made up of many smaller systems combined together, which is why it doesn’t always work exactly right. Acne is a sign that something in your body is having trouble, whether because of internal problems or environmental irritants. But, depending on where the acne shows up, you may be looking at different causes and cures. Let’s talk about forehead acne, see if we can find the cause of pimples showing up on your forehead and how to treat forehead acne?

Is Forehead Acne Different from Other Types?

In many cases, forehead acne comes from further below the skin, so it may not be as easy to remove as acne on the cheeks, chin, or nose. There are more than a few causes of forehead zits and acne, many of which are different than what causes other types of acne around the face.

What Causes Forehead Pimples and Acne?

These are the most common culprits for acne on the forehead:

– Dandruff

Skin flakes around your scalp can fall onto your forehead and clog your pores. Usually, the smaller flakes are the problem, not the larger skin flakes that are more visible on your head. But, if you have a lot of large dandruff flakes, it’s a good indicator that your acne cold be caused by dandruff.

– Scalp oil

Just like dandruff can come down from the scalp, so can scalp oil when it gets excessive. You might even wonder why your forehead looks or feels oilier than the rest of your face. The problem is that it has a mix of face oil (sebum) and scalp oil, which is a recipe for clogged pores and acne!

– Hair products & styles

If you put any type of products on your hair, especially aerosol products like hairspray, you could be creating the reason for the acne. These products can stick to the skin and really irritate it. Even if the product didn’t directly get applied to your skin, it may reach your forehead through your hair, depending on the style. Girls with front bangs usually see this problem the most.

– Helmets & hats

Helmet hair isn’t the only problem caused by wearing something over your head. Both helmets and hats tend to rub the skin on your forehead. They may pick up oils and dirt and add them back to the forehead, or just irritate the skin, causing a breakout either way.

– Hormones

Unfortunately, this is true for women more often than for men. Women have stronger levels of hormones that can cause acne all around the body. Certain hormones, when in excess, can cause forehead acne.

– Clogged pores

Acne’s most common causes around the entire body is clogged pores. Forehead pores can get clogged by a large variety of things that aren’t necessarily unique to that part of the body. Make sure you’re not overlooking a common acne cause that’s afflicting your whole face, like clogged pores. Sometimes forehead acne is just the same as most other acne.

– Skin irritation

When something is bugging your skin, it can react by breaking out, as much as you wish it would just tell you the problem! You may be using a product that’s irritating your skin, or there’s an environmental factor that’s affecting your complexion. Both are common and should be handled by removing the irritant, whatever it is.

– Stress

The ever-present stress can cause major health issues inside your body and mind, but it’s also the culprit for acne in some cases. Your body may react to stress by creating acne on your face, including on your forehead. If your life is stressful, this may be something you should look at when trying to determine the cause of your acne woes.

How to Treat Forehead Acne with Targeted Methods

The most important part about treating acne is knowing first what’s causing it. If you skipped the section above, I would advise you to go back and look at it! You can’t treat your acne if you have no idea where it’s coming from, inside or outside of your body.

So, let’s get down to it. How can you help to cure your forehead acne? For the generic causes, like clogged pores and stress, you can do what works for the rest of your face. Try a skincare routine to cleanse the pores, exfoliate dead skin 2 – 3 times weekly, and moisturize.

Homemade facial masks can be a great path to treating forehead pimples. Many masks can be made from ingredients regularly found in your kitchen, that are both rejuvenating and healing for acne.

For more specific causes, try some of these solutions:
1. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo to reduce the amount of dandruff coming down from your scalp. Wash your hair more often if you need to. Washing every other day can help to keep the dandruff down without ruining oil production or off-balancing anything else.
2. For hair and scalp oils, washing your hair every other day can also be a good solution, but only if your hair is naturally heavy with oils. Sometimes we can accidentally stimulate extra oil production by washing hair every day or multiple times per day.
3. Hormonal imbalances can be difficult to treat, but they may be a result of a medication you’re on. Birth control pills and treatments can often result in hormonal acne, especially around the forehead. Other pills may also be responsible, so you should ask your doctor about anything you’re taking currently or being prescribed.

4. Stress acne is sometimes the most difficult for you to treat, since it involves lifestyle changes. A life full of stress has to be re-arranged and habits to reduce stress have to be prioritized. You can try exercising, yoga, meditation, stress relief spa days, or anything else that will help to calm your racing mind and relax your tensed body.
5. Hair products to avoid if you want to prevent acne are aerosol products, mainly. When you need to spray them, cover your face before you spray to keep the sprays from landing on the exposed skin.When applying gels and other products, make sure they are not coming in contact with you face, or that the hair stays away from your face. Wash products from your hair before you sleep.
6. You can’t usually avoid wearing helmets or hats, but you can put a small piece of clean cloth around your forehead before donning a head cover. Did you ever wonder why some bikers wear bandanas? In some cases, it might be to keep their faces clean! Just be sure to cycle the cloth frequently and wash it between wearing, or else you’ll have the same problem you would with a bare helmet or hat.
7. Irritation in your skin can be caused by a lot of environmental factors, some of which are difficult to control. Try to make sure you are not exfoliating too much and bothering your skin, or using harsh products that may be causing you to react negatively.
Don’t buy into the hype some people give products that says they are “purging” your skin of impurities. If you see acne on your forehead after using a product, it’s usually because the product will not work well for your skin type and is causing irritation.


Forehead acne can really put a damper on your fight for a clean, clear face. Take matters into your own hands and find the causes and cures for your forehead acne!




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