Welcome to this makeup tips for brown eyes where you can find all the best tips and guides which will be very useful if you have brown eyes. We know that there are various colors to our eyes and different kind of shapes as well, but do you know that each colors and shapes requires you to do different methods on makeup? That is right, if you only use one type of makeup style for your eyes, then you should try to learn another style, why? The reason is because one style might only suit for some particular events, while in the other events, you need different styling.

10 makeup tips for brown eyes you should know

1. Shimmer

We will start this makeup tips for brown eyes step by step with one style that can be used for any types of eye color; when you are in doubt about what kind of makeup style to use on your eye, do not be worry, use shimmer. Shimmer is a style that is very versatile, no matter what type of eye color you have, or what kind of shapes your eyes are, this is something that can truly makes your eyes look wonderful.

To do that, just add some shimmer on your eyeshadow. It is a very simple tips to do as well, all you need to do is to add some shimmer with your eyeshadow of your choosing. Remember that you just need a little bit of shimmer. So, the next time you just want to go out with a casual makeup without too much hassle, just go with shimmer, it looks perfect on brown eyes.

2. How brown is your eyes

In case you do not know, there are different kinds of brown eyes as well depending on how brown the color is. So before we go for the eye makeup tips for brown eyes, you need to know about what kinds of brown color your brown eyes are. Some of the most common brown eyes types are; amber brown, light brown and chocolate brown, not to mention brown eyes also comes with different kinds of shades as well.

That already explains why this step is important, because unless you know your true color, some of the makeup tips on this list might not be well suited for you. Although as the above tips mentioned, you can just shimmer, but 1 style only is never recommended.

3. Concealer for Circles

One of the most common problems suffered by any kinds of eye colors or shapes is something that has nothing to do with the eyes itself. It’s the circles that you might have under your eyes, before we go with the more detailed great makeup tips for brown eyes, it is best to get rid of those circles around the eyes first.

If you happen to have different eye colors, do not worry, this tip is universal and can be sued for any eye colors and shapes. Use a combination of foundation and concealer to hid those dark circles, but remember, when choosing the concealer and foundation, using foundation will make the effect of the concealer stronger, choose something with the color of your skin; or your overall makeup.

4. Colors that brown eyes will not mix

This is probably the best makeup tips for brown eyes, before you go deciding what colors you want to use for your makeup and all that, there are some colors that should not be used for someone with brown eyes. These colors do not mix well with brown eyes, so when choosing the color for the makeup, they should be avoided with all cost.

Those prohibited colors are green, yellow and red. You can try look into the internet and see pictures of people with brown eyes makeup, and you will not see them using these colors because it just make your face looks weird. If your favorite color happens to be one of those, then you need to let go and choose different colors.

5. Cobalt blue color

Let us start the beautiful makeup tips for brown eyes with one of the most uncommon color for someone with brown eyes; the cobalt blue. The cobalt blue is eye catching, and not many eye colors are well suited for this style, but if there is one color that can use it, its brown eyes. What the cobalt blue makes to your brown eyes is to show it more, your brown eyes will looks more drawn out and you will looks much younger.

The cobalt blue might not be well suited to be used on a formal occasions because the coloring is more on the funky and groovy side, but in a party or any non-formal occasions, your brown eyes will look more sparkling and brighter with the cobalt blue. Do not forget, that you can freely choose the depth of the color whether if you want light or deep.

6. White eyeliner

White is also a color that is suited for many different eye colors, no wonder that it is also well suited for those with brown eyes. To be fair, there is not much color for your brown eyes that can be used as the eyeliner; and because you always want the best look, then you go with white eyeliner.

You can combine the eyeshadow makeup tips for brown eyes with this white eyeliner. This also looks good if you went with the shimmer tip above, this makes the white eyeliner more universal than any colors for brown eyes people. It can be used on formal occasions, casual occasions, or if you want to go to party and go all out.

7. Black and Brown

One of the most common colors used for any types of eye colors and shapes, overall brown makeup is also a perfect candidate to be used for your brown eyes. Of course, there are also different styling available for the black makeup style, but most of them are still usable for brown eyes people.

Unfortunately, some brown eyes do not sit well with the darkness of the black makeup; and that is why we suggest you to check what brown color your eyes have. If you got hazel shade with very brown colored eyes, then you might not want using black makeup because it will make the makeup hide your eyes, go with the white color if you are like this.

8. Natural color shade

For some casual shopping or just going to go for a short walk, there is no need for you to go heavy on your makeup. But that does not mean that you cannot do something about your brown eyes and makes it looks more beautiful. For this kind of occasion, going with natural color makeup is probably the best idea, and it is also suitable for any types of brown colored eyes as well.

Now, using natural colored shade also enables you to use the black eyeliner as well, which is another advantage of using this type of color styling. Even if you got no time to spare, you can just go with natural color shade and use a liner alone, no need for other fancy styles or such.

9. Use Metallic color

While brown eyes are very common in the east, it’s not that common in the western countries, and many of the people there think that brown eyes are beautiful. So if you got brown eyes and lives there, you need to shows up your brown eyes even more and nothing can beat metallic color in that kind of job.

Using metallic color on your eyes will make your brown eyes more stands out, other than making your brown eyes more gorgeous, the metallic coloring can also give you some cool steely glow. When choosing the metallic color that you can use, it is practically free, you can choose on bronze, gold, brown, or even some other uncommon and funky coloring like pink.

10. Mix everything up

And to make this fun makeup tips for brown eyes even more enjoyable, you are free to mix everything up in order to suit your style. All the suggested colors above are just recommendation, you do not need to feel forced to use only that colorings. And if you feel that you do not get to show your own personality using those coloring, do not be afraid to mix things up and add personal touches of your own.

Of course, there are things that should be avoided; like the colors that will not mix with brown eyes above. But with regular experiments, you will be able to find your own personal styling for your brown eyes. Just make sure that you make that beautiful brown eyes stands out.

We understand that everyone got their own preferences, but if you are new to makeup and you do not know what to do with your brown eyes, you can start by following these makeup tips for brown eyes and you will be able to decide on your own styling.

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