Which is better in the comparison between tinted moisturizer vs BB cream? Both solve similar problems, but the way they are made and their individual benefits can be completely different. Let’s take a closer look at both of these beauty products and see if we can understand more about them to help you make an informed decision.

Substitutes for Foundation

Foundation was once the end-all solution to uneven skin tones or a search for a glowing color in your cheeks. But, both tinted moisturizers and BB creams are meant to replace your foundation with a more useful product. They both include a coloring agent that acts like a liquid foundation to give your complexion a boost without adding time to your daily routine.

Unlike foundation, these liquid agents play more than one part. They aren’t only there to adjust your coloring, they’re also meant to add nutrients to your skin and soften it at the same time. So, while your makeup just plays the roles of improving your complexion and enhancing natural features, these types of creams pull double duty to also benefit your skin while they enhance your look.

Tinted Moisturizer Vs BB Cream

Now that we know what these creams are for, what’s the difference between the two types? While their functions are similar, there are actually a lot of things to compare when you’re looking at tinted moisturizers and BB creams. The two major categories are color coverage and beneficial ingredients.

Let’s start by looking at tinted moisturizers. These have been a popular product since they started being released a few years back. They replace your daily morning facial moisturizer. Most tinted moisturizers include a mix of a light tint and a light, creamy moisturizing agent. Tint is often not very thick and will only add a light, sheer coat to your skin. It’s great for correcting slight skin tone issues and giving yourself a beautiful dewy glow.

BB creams are sometimes a bit heavier on your skin, but that’s because they have a few more ingredients packed into the mix. They’re not just a moisturizer and a tinting agent, but also a light SPF and anti-oxidant rich formula. Essentially, a BB cream does its best to shorten your morning routine by applying everything you need all at once. You’ll get moisture, sun protection, nutritious vitamins and anti-oxidants, and a sun-kissed glow. They are touted as the only product you need after washing your face.

Since the introduction of BB creams into the Western market from Asia, tinted moisturizers are starting to lose some of their appeal. Although they are a much-appreciated attempt at shortening the morning routine, they are usually a very light color that may not help if you need a little more color correction or want a bit more coverage. Plus, some tinted moisturizers end up a little greasy, since they are not usually made with natural ingredients.

BB creams aren’t a perfect option, but they do seem to offer a few more advantages than disadvantages. The mix of natural and nutritious ingredients does a lot more to benefit your skin than to harm it. Color correction is a big part of BB creams, so you can expect it to give you a more even coloring when you apply it. One of the problems that’s cited by dermatologists is that the SPF is a useless addition, since you won’t be putting on a heavy enough coat of the cream to make it an effective barrier against the sun.


Other Types of BB Creams (CC, DD)

BB creams are part of a range of products broadly nicknamed as alphabet creams. The other types, CC and DD, are newer developments that make slight changes to the original product in order to suit a wider range. CC creams stand for “color correcting” creams, so they feature a lighter tint than BB creams and are only meant for minor complexion smoothing. They don’t have the same cocktail of beneficial ingredients that BB creams have, although they are still a little better than tinted moisturizers.


DD creams are a newer addition to the market, and are set to be the complete combination of both BB and CC creams, promising to do just about everything your skin needs with a single cream. It’s a tall promise, but it’s good to give that claim a chance before dismissing it, since DD creams may prove themselves to be a great alternative to tinted moisturizers and BB or CC creams.


Tinted moisturizer vs BB cream is an ongoing debate, but it appears that BB creams are winning more people over at the moment and experiencing major success in the marketplace. Only time will tell if tinted moisturizers can make up the gap or if they’re be completely replaced.


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