Does dairy goods really cause acne? This topic has been put into debate for the longest time. Today, I will discuss about the connection between dairy products and acne. Let’s find out if dairy makes your skin ugly.

Five Reasons You Should Know Why Dairy Causes Acne

For once in your life, I believe that you encountered a moment when you cursed that one acne in your face that ruined everything you’re planning to do for that one weekend.

If you ever had acne, you know that it can be painful and distracting. It’s irritating and you can’t ignore it. I know right? It’s such a hassle.

So imagine, what more for those people who have sensitive skin? What more for those people who are more prone to acne breakouts? Can you imagine what they’re going through?

These are the ones of the many reasons why some people do all to find the cause of acne. And for the longest time, one of the many suspected culprits is dairy.

Dairy Makes Skin Ugly

Five Reasons You Should Know Why Dairy Causes Acne

If you’ve long been searching for the reason or factors that cause acne, you’ve probably heard that dairy is one of the many suspects. This has been up for debate for the longest time. But until now, nobody has proven dairy’s direct capability to cause acne.

Many researchers have conducted studies that state dairy is causing acne breakouts. Thus, suggesting acne prone people to remove dairy from their daily diet. However, some health professionals disprove this because dairy has nutrients that are essential to the body.

So if you are someone trying to get rid of your acne breakouts, what should you do? Do you have to choose between a clear skin and strong bones? Do you really have to make a choice? Maybe NOT.

This is why you should read this article until the very end. You shouldn’t compromise your skin just to have strong bones and vice versa. You can have both as long as you know how to deal and you understand your body’s needs.

With this article, I will take you through the reasons why dairy causes acne growth to your body and why researchers can’t still put the blame on dairy alone.

Reasons Why Dairy Products Cause Acne

1. Dairy Has The Hormone IGF-1

Five Reasons You Should Know Why Dairy Causes Acne

If you don’t know IGF-1, this is the perfect time to get to know it. It’s a hormone present in cow’s milk that is quite a popular trigger for acne breakouts.

It reacts with natural hormones like estrogen and testosterone, which means it interferes with the natural hormonal balance of the body. This justifies the saying whenever there’s an acne breakout − “It’s your hormones”.

Proteins like whey and casein increase the release of IGF-1 hormone. That’s why if dairy products cause you an acne breakout, it’s best if you avoid skim milk and prefer whole milk instead.

This is why most athletes taking a whey protein diet are more likely to have acne breakouts.

2. Dairy Stimulates Production Of Insulin

Whenever you drink milk, it spikes insulin production that causes the liver to produce more IGF-1 hormone. Therefore, making a person more vulnerable to breakouts.

3. Dairy Causes The Skin To Release More Oil

Five Reasons You Should Know Why Dairy Causes Acne

The hormone IGF-1 is the main reason why dairy causes acnes. This hormone as it reacts with the body’s natural hormones, cause skin to release more sebum − that is oil that clogs the skin’s pores.

And because the body produces more oil, pores will become clogged. When pores are clogged, dirt and other bacteria are trapped inside the skin, which causes inflammation to the skin − hence, acne growth.

4. Dairy Holds Dead Skin Cells

This is one of the most unlikely things that dairy does. It sticks together and holds dead skin cells trapping it inside the pores. If the pores are clogged, dirt is trapped inside.

5. Dairy Is Difficult To Digest

Skin is the biggest part of the body. And believe me or not, but you may not realize that it’s helping the digestive system of the body. Whatever the colon or the stomach can’t digest, the skin excretes it through sweat. Dairy is 10x harder to digest.

So imagine the double effort your body does just to eliminate it. Cows can digest it easily but humans have to try harder.

Dairy Is Not That Bad

Five Reasons You Should Know Why Dairy Causes Acne

Yes, dairy is not that all that bad my friend. That’s based from some of the research studies conducted by health professionals.

That is why science still can’t put the acne blame in all types of dairy products − because for some reason, yoghurt and cheese can actually calm an acne breakout.

Confusing right? Yoghurt has probiotics that help calm inflammation. But it has dairy.


There are really things that science can’t explain, or it only means we still need to study and dig on the topic even deeper. We’ve made one thing clear here. Studies can’t still yet prove the direct connection of acne growth to dairy because it’s also a cure for it.

Whether or not dairy does promote acne growth, you need to observe how your body responds to what you intake.

If daily intake of dairy causes skin problems, then try to tone your dairy intake a bit. It doesn’t mean that you really have to remove it from your eating habits, but if you think it would be best, then it’s up to you.

But note that this can also cause other problems in your body − especially for calcium-related concerns. If you are really having a hard time, I think it would be best for you to consult a dermatologist so you know what’s the right thing to do.

Acne may not be that fatal and some people don’t take it into consideration. But, it’s your body’s way of telling you that there is something wrong within and it needs more attention and care.

We do hope that this article made you understand more how dairy is related to acne growth and what can you do to resolve this problem.

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